Queen Elizabeth II made quite the impression at the 2021 G7 Summit.

Last week, the Queen hosted the G7 leaders and made headlines with a well-timed joke during a photoshoot. Now, Australian PM Scott Morrison today told the Queen just how charmed the politicians were after meeting her.

Queen reacts to being told she was "hit" of G7 Summit

PM Morrison met with the Queen today at Windsor Castle, and they got talking about last week's reception hosted by the monarch for the G7 Summit.

The Australian leader informed the Queen that she was "quite the hit" with the G7 leaders, a group including Joe Biden, Justin Trudeau, Emmanuel Macron, and Angela Merkel.

Morrison added: "Everyone was talking about you at dinner the next night." And the Queen's reaction to the compliment: "Oh Lord, were they really?"

The Queen's modest reaction came today in what was her first major in-person meeting in over a year. She transitioned to virtual audiences during the pandemic, but the Australian PM got the honour of visiting her face to face at Windsor Castle today.

Queen Elizabeth II and Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

Though Australia is not one of the G7 countries, PM Morrison attended the 2021 summit in Cornwall on invitation from UK PM Boris Johnson.

The Queen's return to in-person audiences also comes after she hosted US President Joe Biden for tea at Windsor Castle on Sunday. You can revisit her scene-stealing joke from last week's G7 Summit here.