• Queen Elizabeth II is always armed with a handbag
  • There's more to her bag than just style and utility
  • The Queen communicates to her staff with the bag

SHE must always accompany the Queen: her handbag! On no occasion is the British monarch seen without the accessory on her arm.

But what few people know: The bag is not only a style piece but also a means of secret communication for the Queen. At least that's what Sally Bedell Smith, author of Elizabeth the Queen: The Woman Behind the Throne, says.

Explained: The Queen's top-secret handbag code

With her handbag, the Queen communicates to her team whether everything is good or not. Like a kind of code, her ladies-in-waiting then know how to proceed in the respective situation. It works like this...

Also interesting:

The code: if the Queen holds her bag with her left arm, everything is OK. But the accessory on the right arm would raise alarm bells to her staff. This would mean that the Queen immediately wants to be relieved from an unpleasant or boring situation.

This code certainly makes the list of the strangest royal rules. With these hidden messages, you'll need to look closely at how the Queen holds her bag next time.

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