• Royal family members have sleep and beauty routines
  • The Queen, Kate and Meghan shared their secrets
  • Royal habits include drinks, activities and more

It turns out that Hello! magazine with Royal CBD took a closer look at the sleeping habits of the Queen, Duchess Kate and Duchess Meghan. And unsurprisingly, Queen Elizabeth II first reaches for an Earl Grey tea in the evening. Although black tea is actually invigorating, it helps the Queen to calm down. She then usually has dinner alone, which also helps relax her!

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It's Not Easy Being Royally Rested!

And at the end of dinner she likes to treat herself to a glass of champagne, as her cousin Margaret Rhodes once revealed. Even now in her mid-90s, the Queen always manages to have a rested and sprightly expression. Talk about following a royal beauty regimen! 

These Are The Royal Women's Sleeping Habits

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