• Discover the most eccentric requests that some kings and queens of history have made
  • Whimsical tastes and dramatic actions
  • Here we show the danger of giving so much power to a single individual

We can talk about humorous and harmless whims that are common and frequent, but throughout history, there have been requests that have truly caused fear or concern.

Do what you can to survive

Consider the following situation: You are in Russia at a time without heating or technological advances beyond warm clothing to keep you alive in the freezing temperatures of your country, and despite that, you must sleep naked on a bed of ice. That was the crazy request of one queen!

Queen Elizabeth at an event in London in 2015

And then there's the other side of the coin, where you ask your servants to serve you food in a very particular way or else you won't eat it - and will also take it as an attempt to overthrow the crown. Who could that be?

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