• What was Queen Elizabeth like inside her home?
  • Described by former royal stewards and official royal artists
  • According to them, she made nerves "disappear"

Queen Elizabeth was a figure that demands respect just by looking at her, and this was probably due to her great legacy; 70 years on the throne, having lived through World War II and managing to improve public opinion about the monarchy.

She was viewed with caution

No one would blame all those who dealt with her in this way. Surely now everyone treats King Charles very cautiously, mainly out of respect, so as not to offend the monarchs, but the reality is that everyone agrees that the Queen was not "royal" in the sense that typically causes fear.

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip of Edinburgh at the University of Sheffield in 2010.

Everyone who was asked about their perspective and experience with the Queen, in one way or another, described her as a very calm and kind woman who wanted you to feel comfortable. You can see more details of how a "normal" and "hysterical" person was also called through the video.

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