• Princess Diana was beloved all around the world
  • Diana lived a very secluded life outside of her royal duties
  • Princess Diana did have a best friend and confidant

Despite the fact that she was beloved all around the world, Diana didn't have too many close and personal connections. Outside of her immediate family, Diana never had a great deal of friends, but there was one special person that Diana considered to be her best friend. And that was psychotherapist Julia Samuel.

Princess Diana and her friend Julia were quite a pair!

Julia and Princess Diana shared a very normal friendship outside of the pressures of royal life. They would talk about the everyday things that made up their lives, and for Diana, it was a blessing to have someone there she could speak freely. For many, it's comforting to know that Diana had someone she could confide in.

Also interesting:

The two became friends after meeting in 1987 during a dinner party where Julia was a guest! Diana and Julia apparently shared many laughs that night and really hit it off as friends. They often hit the social scene together as Julia actually lived close to Kensington Palace.

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