Today is the 27th anniversary of the opening of Buckingham Palace to the public. The royal residence has remained a popular tourist attraction ever since Queen Elizabeth II introduced the change in 1992.

Her Majesty had opened her London home to the public to raise funds after the catastrophic damage of the Windsor Castle fire of 1992.

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Queen Elizabeth II's Windsor Castle decision sparked controversy

The decision to open Buckingham Palace to the public first attracted controversy back in 1992. But ever since, hundreds of thousands of visitors have toured inside the residence during the Queen's annual 10-week stay at Balmoral Castle over the summer.

The fund-raising effort was a success, too, as the fire had ravaged $62 million worth of damage to Windsor Castle. The restoration was completed in 1997.

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Buckingham Palace and the Royal Family

The Queen's London residence, originally known as Buckingham House, was built in 1703. The British royal family acquired it in 1761 and made it the official headquarters of the monarch in 1837.

Today, Buckingham Palace is also known for its State Rooms and Picture Gallery. Queen Elizabeth II was the first to open the palace gates to the public, doing so 28 years ago on this day.

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