• Royals aren't exempt from accidents
  • Many noblemen and women have died tragically over the years
  • These royals died in unfortunate accidents

However, life doesn't always turn out that way, even if you a royal! Tragedy can strike at any moment and nobody is immune from it. But it's when a someone dies abruptly or after an event that wasn't planned that it tends to be the most painful. Here are 6 royals who passed away unexpectedly after a tragic accident.

A royal tragedy...

Let's begin our list with one of the most beloved royals of his time: Prince William of Gloucester. An interest in aviation runs in the royal blood, as Queen Elizabeth's cousin had a hobby of flying small planes in aerial competitions. 

Also interesting:

But glory can come with a very heavy price. Unfortunately, in 1972 while playing to win the Goodyear International Air trophy, the plane crashed and caught fire.

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