To celebrate Armed Forces Day, Queen Elizabeth II lent her ear to members of the British Armed Forces on a video call. According to a Buckingham Palace press release, she heard about "increased pressures that the outbreak has had on Armed Forces families, many of whom have been unable to see their loved ones due to travel restrictions" and wanted to talk those on the front lines.

Queen Elizabeth II video chats with service members

Her Majesty spoke not only to Chief of the Defence Staff, General Sir Nicholas Carter, but also to three service personnel, from the British Army, Royal Navy and Royal Air Force, about how their lives in the service have changed in times of the pandemic and the impact on their families at home.

The Queen spoke to Lieutenant Colonel Barrie Terry, who is currently serving in Mali as part of a UN Peacekeeping mission. Terry told her about his family, whom he hasn't seen since last year (his wife Anya works for the NHS in Gloucester), and how he is training healthcare professionals to treat patients with COVID-19.

The Queen met an old acquaintance!

As Head of the Armed Forces, the Queen also spoke to Able Rate Sophie Levy, who is on her first operational deployment onboard RFA Argus (Royal Fleet Auxiliary) off Curaçao in the Caribbean. Levy called in from her cabin told Queen Elizabeth II about her role as an Aircraft Handler.

And it turns out that the Queen and Levy had already met in 2014 when Sophie escorted her Majesty around Holyport College as a 16-year-old Sea Cadet. "I would think the last time I saw you, you wouldn't have imagined that this is what you would be doing now," the Queen remarked.

The virtual call via WebEx was recorded in June in honor of Armed Forces Day. Get more news and the latest updates on the royal family right HERE...