• The Swedish royals attended a special dinner
  • Around 150 guests joined the Royal Family
  • Victoria and Sofia were particularly beautiful

After a two-year break due to COVID-19, the Swedish royals again held a grand dinner on Wednesday night. Around 150 guests attended, including representatives of parliament, the government, and selected people from science, sport, business, and culture.

Swedish royal family reunites for big dinner

The guests were welcomed by King Carl Gustaf, 75, and Queen Silvia, 78. A video shared on Instagram shows how the royal couple entering an imposing hall of the Royal Palace in front of the next generation: Princess Victoria, 44, and Prince Daniel, 48, as well as Prince Carl Philip, 42, and Princess Sofia, 37.

For the official occasion, Queen Silvia chose a long blue evening dress that perfectly showcased her Leuchtenberg tiara of diamonds and sapphires and matching jewellery. Even more eye-catching, however, was the fiery red evening dress that her daughter Victoria chose.

Silvia, Victoria and Sofia add colour to the royal dinner

Another glamorous showing from Princess Victoria is not surprising, but this one's worth seeing. In bright red, she undoubtedly drew attention to herself. Princess Sofia, on the other hand, appeared alongside Carl Philip in a dark green evening dress and looked no less stunning than her sister-in-law next to her husband Daniel.

In the blue, red and green robes, the royal trio of Silvia, Victoria and Sofia were not only elegant but also colourful. And the royal ladies received many words of praise on their Instagram posts.

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Royals fans are particularly pleased to see Princess Victoria radiant with Daniel as usual. The heir to the throne continues to bravely face the public amid rumours of a possible divorce from Prince Daniel.

At the gala, Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia also shared a nice moment — see the photo here!