• After the Queen, Prince Charles ascends the British throne
  • According to a survey, Brits would like someone else
  • The people want HIM to be king

Britain's Queen Elizabeth II, 95, celebrated her 70th year on the throne in 2022. She has been at the head of the monarchy since 1952. Her rightful successor to the throne is her son Prince Charles, 73.

After that, Prince William, 39, and his son Prince George, 8, stand next in line to the throne. According to a new poll, however, many Britons do not entirely agree with this order, as The Mirror reports.

Succession to the throne: Britons want William as king

It turns out 42 percent of the participants would like Prince Charles to renounce the throne in favour of Prince William. Only 24 percent want Charles as the next monarch.

So it's bad news for the Prince of Wales. But that's far from final, because only 2,055 people took part in the survey by Ipsos. The result does not reflect the overall public opinion.

Also interesting:

Prince William is more popular than Prince Charles

What's also interesting about the poll results is that 48 percent believe Charles would do a good job as King. In addition, that popularity is at its highest level compared to polls in the last four years.

But why would he give up the throne in favour of his son? After all, Prince Charles has spent his life preparing for the role of monarch. He and his wife Duchess Camilla, 74, are certainly well prepared to represent the British people in the future.

Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles in Belfast

However, Prince William's popularity is not far behind that of the Queen. He is extremely popular in Britain. This is also shown by another survey by the magazine Newsweek. 1,500 participants gave similar results: 58 percent voted for Prince William as the next king and only 23 percent for Prince Charles — a noticeable divide.

The British Royal Family has had to deal with a number of serious scandals in recent years and, according to a survey, some royals have made themselves quite unpopular with the public.

Again and again there was criticism of the Royal Family and individual members. This naturally raises the question of whether the monarchy is still important at all. Prince William and Duchess Kate, on the other hand, typically draw attention to themselves with positive news and take their roles very seriously.

In 2022, William and Kate are already taking on more tasks from the Queen. So Prince William is already busy preparing for his future role as King.

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