• The royals honoured Prince Philip in front of many cameras
  • However, Queen Elizabeth isn't in many of the photos
  • This is the reason why

On March 29, the late Prince Philip was commemorated at an emotional service at Westminster Abbey. On the day, which was so important to the Queen, the Royal Family paid their last respects.

But remarkably few photos were taken of Queen Elizabeth herself. Now the British photographer Richard Pohle, who was the only one allowed to take photos at the service, explains why that was the case.

Instructions from Palace: No photos of the Queen

The photographer told The Times: "I had been chosen as the rota photographer who would provide the national and international media with photographs of the thanksgiving service for the Duke of Edinburgh. [...] It is a rare privilege that should not be underestimated."

However, the Palace initially requested no photos of Queen Elizabeth until she was seated in the church. The Queen is dealing with health issues and they likely didn't want photos during her entrance. But since the event was broadcast live by the BBC, Pohle began arguing with Palace officials.

Also interesting:

And then came the reveal of Prince Andrew's role in the ceremony. "That's when the news filtered through to us: the Queen would be escorted to her seat by the Duke of York," says Pohle. "This changed everything."

Eventually he prevailed and got photographs of the Queen supported by Prince Andrew. But it turned out to be far from easy. Pohle explained: "I had forgotten that when the Queen enters a room everyone stands up. That's exactly what happened. Now I couldn't see a thing for rows of dignitaries and ladies' hats."

In order to still get the much-awaited photo, he had only one choice: to get up and find a better seat. In the end, however, he got the pictures he wanted, and the Queen's unexpected support for her disgraced son made major headlines.

It remains to be seen if the photographer will ever be invited to an important event for the royals again.