• Will Smith's attack on Chris Rock has brought a deluge of criticism
  • Despite winning an Oscar, that night remains a dark one for Will Smith
  • The general public have called for major sanctions for the Academy to enact on Smith

At first, everyone in attendance, including the public watching at home thought Smith slapping Rock in the middle of the comedian's monologue was simply another classic Oscar bit. But the fact that Chris Rock wasn't smiling told everyone a different story right away. And when Smith sat back down and yelled obscenities at Rock, it became all too clear that this was a real slap, that really happened in front of the whole world. But the story obviously didn't end there...

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Minutes after his televised assault of Chris Rock, Will Smith went onto win the most prestigious award any actor can: the Academy Award for Best Actor, thanks to his work in King Richard. Immediately, folks online were quick to ask the question: why was Smith allowed to go back up on stage?

This followed many other questions like: why wasn't Smith arrested? Could anyone who is not a celebrity get away with such appalling behavior? The story has been tabloid fodder for many days now, and after much pressure from the general public, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has been forced to take action.

Will Smith himself resigned from participating as a voting Academy member, but for many that simply isn't enough punishment. The Academy was set to meet on April 18th to discuss possible sanctions. But after a generalized wave of discontent at their lack of action, they have now moved the date of the meeting up to April 8th instead!

The Academy Must Take A Strong Stand!

"It is in the best interest of all involved for this to be handled in a timely fashion," Academy president David Rubin said in an official letter to the press. "I am calling a board meeting for this Friday morning, April 8, at 9:00 am PT, rather than the previously scheduled April 18 meeting, to address possible sanctions for Will Smith in response to his actions during the Oscars broadcast on March 27," Rubin went on.

"The April 18 date was set in accordance with California law and our Standards of Conduct because our agenda included possible suspension or expulsion of Mr. Smith from membership," the letter read. But luckily, it also explains their delay in taking action which many have been calling into question.

"We were required to provide Mr. Smith notice 15 days prior to the board meeting at which such action might be taken, and also give him the opportunity to provide the board a written statement no less than five days prior to that meeting. 

With Smith's career hanging in the balance, it's likely tomorrow's decision will bring with it another truckload of emotions and impressions from fellow actors and fans alike. Let's stay tuned to see what happens!