• Prince Andrew settled his sex case this week
  • He has spoken to his daughters about it
  • This is what he told Beatrice and Eugenie

Prince Andrew settled his sex abuse lawsuit with Virginia Giuffre. In the end, he admitted to no wrongdoing, but he will pay his accuser a rumoured $16 million (£12 million) to avoid a trial.

For the most part, critics have responded harshly to the settlement, with some suggesting it's practically an admission of Prince Andrew's guilt. So how is he handling it with his family members?

Prince Andrew apparently apologized to his daughters

Prince Andrew's scandal has obviously been a complicated matter for his daughters, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie, who have stood by him throughout.

But after settling the case, Prince Andrew felt an apology was in order. He "said sorry to Beatrice and Eugenie," a source has told The Sun. He apparently disclosed a specific fear to his daughters, too.

Prince Andrew with daughters Beatrice and Eugenie.

Prince Andrew is said to worry his grandchildren "would grow up hearing about the case." Both his daughters recently became mothers, and that appears to have influenced his decision to settle the case quickly.

You may remember, at one point, Beatrice and Eugenie's names were even dragged into the scandal. Giuffre claimed Prince Andrew had compared her age to that of his girls when they first met — shortly before he allegedly abused her.

Also interesting:

Nonetheless, royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams has also told Express: "The Yorks are a close knit family" and "Beatrice and Eugenie are supportive of their father."

So it sounds like all is well in Prince Andrew's household, despite his settlement.

The expensive deal avoided a trial, but it failed to clear Prince Andrew's name of allegations he sexually abused Giuffre while she was a victim of child sex trafficking.