• Time to learn about Princess Kako of Japan!
  • She's a daughter of the heir to the Japanese throne
  • Kako stepped up after her sister Mako quit royal duties

Princess Kako is the niece of Emperor Naruhito of Japan. She turned 28 in December last year and has spent more than a year taking on the responsibilities left by her older sister.

Her older sister is Mako Komuro, who abandoned her royal duties after marrying Kei Komuro. They tied the knot in October 2021 and have since lived together in the US.

Princess Kako facts: Where she lives, her job, and more

Kako, like many in the Japanese Royal Family, lives at the imperial estate in Akasaka, where she posed for a variety of photos before the end of the year.

Kako also has a 16-year-old younger brother, Hisahito, who is the heir to the throne after his father, since only male family members can hold the crown.

The head of the Akishino family and father of the three is Prince Fumihito, who is next in the line of succession. He is married to Princess Kiko.

Also interesting:

According to The Japan Times, Kako gracefully accepted the increased workload after her sister moved to the US.

Princess Kako has expressed her hope for social change, where more life choices are offered to fully realize everyone's potential.

Some of the most striking visits last year included when the Princess went to regional areas that were suspended due to the pandemic...

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