• Royal protocols are a major component of the British monarchy
  • Royal titles are also of great importance and consideration
  • Some royals have been able to bend the rules with their titles

However, not every royal gets to break the rules when it comes to their titles. Those who get to take special liberties often have very good reasons for doing so. Which begs the questions: for which royals was the protocol broken? As Express reports, Queen Elizabeth II turned a blind eye to her father's protocol a few times.

These royals get to have a great title!

According to the old protocol, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis would not have been entitled to the titles they now bear. Because they are the great-grandchildren of the Queen. Until a few years ago, a great-grandchild was only entitled to prince status if he was the eldest son of the eldest son of the "Prince of Wales".

Also interesting:

This meant that this royal title would only be granted to Prince George. However, the Queen made an exception for the children of Prince William and Duchess Kate. In 2012, she amended the so-called "Letters Patent" and allowed all children of the ducal couple of Cambridge to receive the title. What about the royal children of Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan?

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