• Prince Andrew is still the Duke of York
  • The City of York wants to strip the title
  • Will Queen Elizabeth II remove it?

In the aftermath of his sex scandal, Prince Andrew hasn't been left with much from his royal days. He's been stripped of most honorary positions, titles, and memberships.

The latest to fall was his "Freedom of the City" in York. But Prince Andrew still holds his most notable title: the Duke of York. Does Queen Elizabeth plan to remove the title?

Report: The Queen supports the scandalous Duke of York

If the Queen has her way, Prince Andrew will remain the Duke of York. The Mirror has reported that she "certainly will not" remove her son's dukedom, despite vocal resistance from the City of York.

A source told the British newspaper that the Queen "hasn't deviated" on the punishments for Prince Andrew so far — a ban from public life and the range of lost honours. But it appears "the Duke of York" will stay.

The Queen made Prince Andrew the Duke of York on his wedding day in 1986. But, after the royal's fall from grace, the City of York wants nothing to do with him today.

Prince Andrew facing more backlash after sex case

Prince Andrew is fresh off a lawsuit in which he paid out reported millions to avoid a trial on allegations that he raped a victim of child sex trafficking.

He always denied the claims and, in the case settlement, admitted to no wrongdoing outside of acknowledging his connection to sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein.

Also interesting:

Since the case was settled, Prince Andrew has had few supporters. But his mother the Queen has stood by him. She even had him by her side a couple weeks later at a memorial service for Prince Philip.

Nevertheless, the City of York is doing all it can to distance itself from Prince Andrew. We'll see if more comes from their efforts.