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Jon Bon Jovi dished on whether Prince Harry or Prince William is a better singer... and his answer was royally diplomatic! The singer revealed to People that Harry and his brother William "both have a set of pipes", after having met and sung with both princes. Bon Jovi and William sang together back in 2013, and he finished recording a special version of a song to aid veterans with Prince Harry on Friday. 

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Bon Jovi says he thinks that Prince Harry "seems awesome"

Bon Jovi says that the experience of recording "Unbroken", which he sang alongside Harry and the Invictus Games Choir, was "great". "He’s known the song — I sent it to him back in August," Bon Jovi said about Prince Harry. "It was good to catch up". 

After having jokingly given Harry the nickname "The Artist Formerly Known As Prince" earlier on in the week after Harry opted to drop being introduced by his royal title in Edinburgh, Bon Jovi says that the former senior royal "seems awesome" post-"Megxit"

"He’s so involved in the lives of these soldiers and their stories and, of course, he can relate to them because he was one of them," Bon Jovi shared. "They loved their time with him where they could be open and honest. They were talking to him like they were mates which I was surprised about. They felt like they were part of the same team".

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Bon Jovi on how Invictus Games collab with Harry came about

Bon Jovi shares with People that he'd originally written "Unbroken" for a documentary about soldiers living with PTSD. Then, the idea came to him to approach the prince about using the song as part of the Invictus Games!

"On a parallel course I thought I want to send it to Harry for the Invictus Games and to have real soldiers singing the song I thought would bring a lot of attention to the issue,” Bon Jovi said. "I wrote him a letter and I said ‘I’ve sung with your brother and met your father and so I said listen to it and let me know. And he said, ‘Absolutely’".

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A video was uploaded by the Sussex Royal Instagram of Harry and Bon Jovi while they were at Abbey Road studio to record "Unbroken". While the video cuts off before they're about to sing, the caption includes the phrase "Stay tuned for more to come later..." which suggests we may get to hear the prince's "pipes" in action!