Prince William was simply unable to contain his excitement when Liverpool F.C. defeated Barcelona F.C. in 2019. Attentive royal fans may recall that this match led to the Duke of Cambridge's Twitter debut in May of last year, when an unusual tweet signed with a "W" appeared on Kensington Palace's page.

William has now confessed that it's true: He was the author of the tweet.

Prince William recalls he "went mental" during Liverpool's win

The Duke of Cambridge revealed the story behind his 2019 Twitter adventure during his new appearance on The Peter Crouch Podcast. While chatting with the former footballer, William was pressed on his Kensington Palace Twitter account — which covers the work done by the Cambridge royal family.

"No, they deliberately keep me away from that," he said. But he added that he did have one experience with the account. It came when he was overcome with emotion after Liverpool advanced to the 2019 Champions League finals in a comeback win against Barcelona.

"When Liverpool did that amazing [game against Barcelona] I went mental, I grabbed the Twitter thing and I just posted it," he said. "It was an amazing match. I was literally blown away by it. It was one of the best games of football I've ever seen. And I got completely out of control and I just went, 'tweet that, get it out. Give it here!'"

Prince William's love of football is well-documented

The result of William's "out of control" Twitter episode was the May 7, 2019 tweet that read: "Well done Liverpool - an incredible result, what a comeback! W."

The usually-composed prince and father of three is a well-known football fan. And his appreciation of the sport has produced some of his more emotive moments over the years — including when he went all-in on celebrations at a match of Aston Villa F.C. earlier this year. Not only that, but William has used football as a means of opening up discussion of mental health among men.

Prince William attends Aston Villa F.C. match at Wembley Stadium, March 2020.

As for future Twitter appearances by the Duke of Cambridge, he told Peter Crouch that Aston Villa has inspired him to tweet again. But, so far, to no avail. "Nearly every Villa game we've won — which hasn't been many this season — I've been trying to get a hold of it," he said. "They keep it away from me now. I have to fight them for it."