A "dynamic duo" indeed!

Queen Elizabeth II and Dwayne Johnson formed a surprise tag team in an NFL game crowd on Sept. 10. As the Chiefs and Texans hit the field, Her Majesty and "The Rock" were paired together as cutout spectators — and the sighting made for quite the social media craze.

Dwayne Johnson and the Queen watch NFL game as cutouts

Shown on the NBC TV broadcast, the cutouts quickly made waves on Twitter. NBC's Sunday Night Football page shared the photo, captioning it: "Ah yes, the dynamic duo of The Rock and the Queen."

The photo caught the attention of Johnson himself, who responded with a welcome back message for the NFL — and a note about his ties to the Queen. "Man it was good to watch football tonight. Defending champs looked great, all players kicked ass, that 17,000 made some noise," Johnson wrote. "And my unique relationship with the Queen was revealed," he joked.

Chiefs and Texans game: Booing, plus the Queen and the Rock

It was the NFL's 2020-21 season opener, a game won 34-20 by the reigning Super Bowl champion Chiefs. A socially-distanced crowd was in attendance, but like other sports that have returned post-COVID, some seating was filled by cutout spectators (including a waving Queen and WWE-era "The Rock").

Chiefs and Texans booed by fans on Sept. 10, 2020.

The NFL game was also notable for fans booing while the Chiefs and Texans locked arms in a pre-game "moment of unity" that addressed racial inequalities, police brutality, and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Earlier this month, cutout-honouree Johnson also revealed that he and his family had all tested positive for COVID-19, but they have since recovered. The Queen, meanwhile, is at her summer holiday residence, Balmoral Castle, and will depart for the Sandringham Estate next week.