• Prince William is next in line to the British throne
  • A video from 2019 that resurfaced shows his close bond with his kids
  • William has a special nickname for his daughter

First it's George's turn, then William is allowed to feel like a kid again himself. He gets a little help from Princess Charlotte. "Give me a shove!," William says. Attentive fans will certainly have noticed a small detail. Because the royal does not call his daughter by her first name. Instead, he uses the nickname "Mignonette."

Prince William is such a sweet dad

The nickname derives from the French word "mignon," which means cute, cuddly or dear. Royals fans were smitten with this cute moniker, leaving enthusiastic comments on social media!

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The royals have quite a few nicknames for each other, ranging from cute to downright whimsical...

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