• The Prince and Princess of Wales are one of the most famous couples in the world
  • They married in 2011 and have three children together
  • They spent 10 years together before getting married

Prince William's love story with Princess Kate began at the Scottish college St. Andrews, where both studied similar careers and got to know each other. In William's own words, after a year of knowing each other, their love story began.

Kate's old body language

When we are young we tend to act differently, and in the case of princesses who enter real life without being born into it, as is the case of Kate, it is particularly complicated to know how to act.

Kate And William's Children Have Very "Different Temperaments"

The Princess Kate we know today as very charismatic, confident, and relaxed, took time to form. In the photographs of the couple together you can see how Kate's character gradually formed until they were engaged; from then on she was much more self-confident.

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