• Many interesting records exist in the royal world
  • Queen Elizabeth II and King Charles III hold lots of them
  • Here are the records!

Just as there are various records (mainly Guinness!) for activities both simple and difficult to achieve, there are also royal records.

These mostly have to do with the Crown: accession to the throne, heirs, marriage, and children. Here we'll present the British royal records and who currently holds them.

Royal records: From longest reign to number of children

Longest reign: The longest reign was recently achieved by Queen Elizabeth II, who ruled for an incredible 70 years. While the shortest was the famous "Nine Days' Queen," Lady Jane Grey.

Longest-lived monarch: Queen Elizabeth II was also the longest living monarch at 96 years of age. The youngest monarch was Margaret of Norway, who died at the age of 7.


Longest serving heir to the throne: The heir to the throne who waited the longest was the current Charles III, who waited 73 years. Henry of Surrey waited only 53 days to surpass his father, King Henry VIII.

Age at ascension to the throne: King Charles also holds this record, having been 73 years old when he took the throne. Queen Mary of Scots obtained the throne when she was just 6 days old.

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Age difference between King and heir: King George III and George II were 53 years apart, but this was because they were separated by a generation.

On the other hand, the brothers Edward VIII and George VI were only 1 year apart when Edward abdicated the throne.

Age at marriage: Edward I married at the age of 60, while David II of Scotland had his marriage arranged from the age of 4.

Number of children: With a surprisingly immense 29 children, Henry I wins this category without close competition.

Very curiously, a total of 17 monarchs never had offspring, including William III, Elizabeth I, Edward V, Edward VI, Edward VIII, and Charles II, who had only several illegitimate children...

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