• We're reviewing the year of 2022 with the royals
  • The British Royal Family set many records in the year
  • Especially with Queen Elizabeth II and King Charles III

The British monarchy has a long history, but the royals achieved some fascinating new records in the past year. 

We checked the numbers, and here's a look at records broken and set by British royals in 2022.

2022 with the royals: Records broken and set

1) Second longest reign in history: 2022 began as a big year for Queen Elizabeth II. It was her 70th on the throne, marked by Platinum Jubilee celebrations. 

And by June, the Queen had also reached a new mark in world history: the second longest-reigning monarch ever. 

She did that on the 127th day of her 70th year, surpassing the reign of former King Bhumibol of Thailand for second all time.

2) Longest reign in British history: Sadly, the Queen would pass away shortly after becoming the second longest-reining monarch ever.

She came about a year and a half short only of King Louis XIV's rule of over 72 years. However, in passing, Queen Elizabeth II's reign now stands firm as the longest in British history: 70 years, 214 days.

3) Longest-serving heir: Due to the Queen's lengthy era on the throne, her son Charles also established several new records in 2022...

The former-Prince Charles became heir to the throne in 1952, when he was 3 years old. He broke the record as long-serving heir in 2011. His record-long period now ended after 70 years.

Also interesting:

4) Oldest-ascending monarch: Since he waited so long to be King, Charles also broke the record as oldest-ascending monarch in British history.

He was 73 years old when he took the throne in September 2022. The previous high was the 64 years of the ascending King William IV.

5) Oldest-sitting monarch: As well, from his first day, King Charles III was already the fifth oldest sitting British monarch at any point in their reign.

Of course, it was Queen Elizabeth II who established the record high. When she passed, she was 96 years old.

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