Coronavirus Causes Major Cancellations: Here Are Some Of The Affected Events

Shutting down all kinds of entertainment out of concern for people's health...

Coronavirus Causes Major Cancellations: Here Are Some Of The Affected Events

St. Patrick's Day is celebrated around the world. March 17th is the traditional death date of Saint Patrick, who is the foremost patron saint of Ireland! Some people just like to use the day as an excuse to celebrate and so we have put together a list of ten Irish movies that are available on Netflix to help you celebrate St. Patrick's Day this year! Enjoy...

10 Irish Films to Watch on St. Patrick's Day:

1. The Siege of Jadotville. Starring Jamie Dornan, this film follows a group of Irish soldiers on a U.N. mission in Africa.

2. It’s Not Yet Dark. A documentary that follows Irish filmmaker Simon Fitzmaurice, a director suffering from ALS.

3. The Breadwinner. This Irish animated movie tells the story of a girl in Afghanistan who must disguise herself as a boy to survive.

4. A Dark Song. An Irish horror film that follows a grieving mother who dives into the occult to contact her son.

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5. Handsome Devil. An outcast teenager is sent to a boarding school and must navigate its homophobic atmosphere.

6. Bobby Sands: 66 Days. This documentary tells the story of an Irish army member who goes on a hunger strike in 1981

7. Cardboard Gangsters. This movie follows a gang of men in Dublin as they try to get to the top of the city’s drug trade.

8. Mammal. A woman’s failed relationship with her own son leads her to bond with a local homeless boy.

9. Gold. Maisie Williams stars in this film about a father hoping to reconnect with his daughter after 10 years.

10. The Young Offenders. The dimwitted schemes of two boys as they get in over their heads after stealing a bag

If you haven't seen any of these films yet, we hope you enjoy one or two today. Cheers!

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