The newest season of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way has lit a fire in 90DF fans. Armando and Kenneth are the first male gay couple in the series and the first in a few seasons that seems to be genuinely built on love and not citizenship or for trophy husbands/wives. Unfortunately, since the pair will be living in Mexico and not the a major city in the US, they will be face to face with some deeply rooted homophobia. This was seen in what was supposed to be a beautiful day of celebration...

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way's Kenneth and Armando VS Homophobia

Armando and Kenneth have been a beautiful breath of fresh air to watch. The two have overcome their inner battles and have finally decided to follow their heart and pursue the true love they deserve. Unfortunately, for the gorgeous couple, they will be living in Mexico which has been much slower at accepting of all forms of love. 

Armando already struggled with coming out of the closet to his family who had a difficult time accepting it but ultimately made sure he knew they loved him no matter what and that it may take them some time to process the information. Armando and his dad hugging after Armando told them the truth made viewers all over bust-up sobbing. Now, unfortunately, we had to watch Armando and Kenny go through a new issue, being together in public. 

Kenneth has been out and proud in Florida for quite a long time and is used to just being himself in public so he is uncomfortable having to act differently in Mexico. He beautifully proposed to Armando who immediately accepted his proposal and was over the moon when Kenneth's family popped out from hiding to celebrate with them. Viewers could not stop talking about the perfect moment in last week's episode. Now in the latest episode, we watched the rest of the day following the proposal.

While out celebrating at dinner, Kenneth, Armando, and Kenneth's 2 adult daughters were understandably beaming with happiness and excitement when a man shouted a homophobic slur at them. Immediately, Armando's smile disappeared. He translated what happened to Kenny and his daughters saying "He actually just said in Spanish "Adios, *******." The group was shaken, Kenny's daughter said "He did?!" and Kenny said, "I wish I woulda known, I probably would have said something back to them." To which Armando said "And then what? A fight or something goes down?"

Armando has been very tough and doing his best to adapt to his new happy life but it has been difficult for him in a world and culture that does not feel the same as he does. Kenneth's daughters were visibly furious, one even began to say something to confront the bully but Armando asked her not to saying "I don't want us to get hurt." She began to cry saying "That really makes my blood boil." Kenneth told her "Don't let it hurt your feelings," to which she said, "It's just ridiculous, people are so blind."

Kenneth's daughter was awestruck and told the cameras, "I've never been in public in Florida and someone has been nasty like that to my dad. I really hope it's been an eye-opener for my dad, it's been for me because we aren't used to this. I really... I wanted to punch that guy in the face."

Fans were outraged that their favorite couple was disrespected, one fan commented on Kenneth's Instagram saying "I will never understand why some people are so miserable and feel the need to hate others and try to make others miserable. I’m sending my support all the way from Maine. You guys are my favorite (I’ve said it before). I wish you a lifetime of happiness together."

We can't wait to watch more of Armando and Kenneth's journey and are so happy to have them represent the LGBTQ+ community and break barriers for the thousands of others in Mexico and across the world!

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