The Newest Episode Of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? Has Larissa Mad!

The latest episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? has spitfire Larissa Dos Santos very upset with TLC and the production team. She is furious at the small amount of screentime she had saying "Cancelling my cable tomorrow. I am shocked that I was given only 4 minutes of air time in tonight's episode. Four minutes to someone who brought in high viewership on her seasons. Clearly, someone in editing doesn't like me. Well, I will certainly not plug this show on my time again nor comment about!"

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Knockout Larissa has really embraced her life as a reality star and has reveled in the attention and is furious that her ex-husband Colt received almost double screentime as her in the episode. She posted many angry rants on her Instagram story saying "I'm so disappointed right now. All this work, all that filming. For what? Four minutes!!" and "Wow, no air time to me the person that brought the ratings to season 6 and happily ever after season 4. Don't ask me to do this sh** again."

She also declared she would no longer be promoting the show on her social media. Shortly thereafter she posted another statement apologizing for her meltdown because she had seen a clip of her in the next episode. She said "Breaking News: I was wrong! I received the preview for next week's episode, and I know now, that I overreacted and spoke too soon."

The Brazillian bombshell even poked fun at her dramatic and volatile personality saying "Yessss, I know it's hard to believe I could be so impulsive."

Colt's New On-Screen Love Interest Apologizes For Her Culturally Damaging Comments

Colt's latest 90 Day Fiancé girlfriend Brazillian Jess Caroline has apologized to her fans and followers for her somewhat careless statements on the show. Adorable and hyper-sexual Jess made many comments about Brazillian woman loving intercourse and constantly craving sex. The self-proclaimed feminist has since faced a lot of backlash from female Brazillian viewers saying her statements were affecting them and men had different expectations from them after seeing Jess's segments on the show.

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She has since posted a heartfelt apology saying "Open letter to all Brazillian women: Dear Brazilians, I want you to know that I read/listen to your messages. I would like to make a formal apology to all Brazilian women I offended with my generalized speech on the episodes. I recognize how problematic my statement was and by any means I meant to add to the already [hypersexualized] stereotype of the Brazilian woman around the world."

Her fans seem to be more forgiving and are still excited to see her in the upcoming episodes especially because she is seen in the preview to confront sneaky Colt!

Jess went on to confess: "I apologize for the way I expressed myself, I meant to give a personal opinion, on my amateur English I ended up generalizing and I see how jeopardizing that is. Unfortunately, I can’t go back on what was said, now I can only be transparent to all of you, say that I’m so sorry for all the baggage that this brings and that I’m holding myself accountable for what I said. Deconstruction of sexism is a daily task, and instead of taking this as a loss, I’m taking it as a learning opportunity. Therefore, I have my messages open so we can talk about this, I hope to learn more and listen to what you have to say. My humble apologies, Jess."

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