Arnold Schwarzenegger recently made a surprise appearance during an online event! As People shares, Schwarzenegger got together with his former Kindergarten Cop castmates on Monday for a virtual reunion— but they had no idea that the Terminator actor would be in attendance!

Schwarzenegger turns up at Zoom cast reunion

Schwarzenegger showed up in honour of the movie's 30th anniversary for the reunion, which took place through Zoom and was hosted by Yahoo Entertainment's Ethan Alter. As People mentions, Alter tells the cast members present at the beginning of the video that someone seems to be knocking on the door— which is when Schwarzenegger pops up!

The actor's sudden presence is received with both shock and excitement by his castmates, including Miko Hughes, who played "Joseph" in the film. "Are you serious?" Hughes exclaimed. "I'm really surprised. I would've never expected this. It's so great to see you." Adam Wylie, who played "Larry", also piped up! "What?" Wylie asked incredulously. "No way!"

Pamela Reed and Arnold Schwarzenegger in Kindergarten Cop (1990). 
Schwarzenegger opens up about one of his iconic lines

Schwarzenegger then shared a humorous anecdote about one of his most famous lines from Kindergarten Cop! "There was some times when we realized that when I said certain lines in the class," the actor mentioned, "because of my accent and because the way I say things, the kids were laughing."

"I would just scream loud, 'It's not a tumor, it's not a tumor at all!' and the kids would be laughing instead of being scared," he said. Schwarzenegger revealed that it was thanks to a piece of advice the movie's director Ivan Reitman gave him, "If the kids laugh, then I think the audience will laugh too," that the line ended up making the final cut! 

Schwarzenegger suggests in-person cast reunion

Schwarzenegger also addressed the fact that he would love to reunite with his former castmates— many of whom were kids when the movie was filmed— when it's safe to gather in person again! "I think it was stupid for us not to do that in the past, but I think we should get together when this coronavirus is over, we should have a reunion," he said. "We can get together, have a party and get the gossip going."

He also commended the group of young actors present, which also included Christian Cousins, Brian Wagner, and Tiffany and Crystle Mataras, on contributing to the success of Kindergarten Cop. "Without any doubt, it was the performance of you kids that really made this movie," Schwarzenegger said. "That’s what made it endearing, that’s what made it successful, and people wanted to watch it over and over again."

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In October, Schwarzenegger revealed that he had undergone heart surgery, which he has since recovered from. The Kindergarten Cop event he made a surprise appearance at is the most recent in a string of virtual cast reunions to take place over the course of the pandemic, which have seen cast members from movies like The GooniesHocus Pocus, and Mean Girls reunite together over Zoom!