Paradise is shaping up to be the quite the season this summer! Some couples are completely committed to each other, while others are a little on the rocks. Last night started out with Tayshia breaking the news to JPJ that if other people walk down the stairs and ask him on a date, he should totally go. Seems like Tayshia also wants to play the field... Tahzjuan from Colton's season arrives in Paradise and asks JPJ on the date. He says yes, even though he's still hung up over Tayshia. They go to dinner where John Paul Jones wants to eat the food despite Tahzjuan's protests not to. He ends up having a coughing fit and then they go for a late night swim and make-out session.

Haley Ferguson Arrives in Paradise 

The next day, one of the twins, Haley Ferguson arrives in Paradise with her eyes set on JPJ. She asks him on the date, they go horseback riding and have a great time! Meanwhile, Tahzjuan half-faints from dehydration and the heat. She asks the medical team for some guacamole and honestly, we feel ya girl. Tahzhuan makes some awkward comments to Haley upon her return from her date with JPJ. JPJ talks to Tahzjuan and ultimately ends the conversation with "I'm physically and emotionally drained right now," still clearly having feelings for Tayshia.

Tayshia Makes Move on Derek 

Meanwhile, Tayshia has made some moves on Derek. Derek was still pretty broken up about his break-up with Demi (now that her girlfriend Kristian is staying in Paradise, which we are all for). Derek and Tayshia seem to connect however. Clay and Nicole are definitely progressing in their relationship... physically at least. Caelynn and Dean have an awkward conversation where it basically comes out that Dean isn't really here to date outside of Paradise. He tells her that he thinks she "would be miserable" as his girlfriend. Ouch.

Rose Ceremony Scramble 

The hours leading up to the rose ceremony are always a bit of a scramble. Kristina is playing Blake for a friendship rose when Blake originally told Caitlyn that she would 100% be getting his rose. How does Kristina do it? JPJ is being pursued by two different women and has to make a decision which is the same situation Chris is in with Jen and Katie. Katie makes it clear to Chris that she wants to be with him. 

Rose Ceremony Results

The final pairings from last night are Demi and Kristian, Dylan and Hannah, Clay and Nicole, Mike and Sydney, Dean and Caelynn, Blake and Kristina (WHY), Derek and Tayshia, JPJ and Haley, Chris and Katie (YES!). This means that Caitlyn, Jen and Tahzjuan say goodbye. Stay tuned to see what happens during night two of Paradise this week rose lovers... 

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