Let's pick up right where we left off! Demi is having conflicting feelings about her situation with Derek as she still has feelings for the woman she's been dating back home. She wants to talk to Derek about it to be honest and she does and Derek literally looks unfazed. He just hopes that his connection with her is stronger than the one Demi has with the woman back home.

Hannah in a love triangle

Dylan gets Hannah the next day to talk to her after the dance debacle the night before. Hannah tells Dylan that Blake actually flew out to see her in Alabama a week before paradise started and they kissed. Uhhh Hannah? Don't you think that's something Dylan should have known?! The girls and everyone on the beach are starting to see that Hannah isn't innocent in her whole involvement with Dylan and Blake.

Dean is back with a mustache

Dean arrives with a mustache and a date card. After chatting to some women, he asks Caelynn on the date. This means two things, Cam is even more crushed and Mike has to figure out another play. Dean and Caelynn seem to have a good time on the date and seem to be hanging out afterwards as well.

Christian comes and swoops in on Nicole

A new guy named Christian arrives (Latino from Becca's season who went home on night one) and he goes straight for Nicole. Nicole is of course into him as he's exactly like the guys she's dated at home. This puts Nicole's relationship with Clay on the rocks. Nicole tells Clay that she wants him to be more assertive, so when Christian prepares a romantic night for Nicole ahead of the rose ceremony, Clay isn't happy and Jordan swoops in and knocks down the pinata before it looks like a fight breaks out? We will have to wait til next week to see that...

John Paul Jones reciting Shakespeare

Before the rose ceremony, John Paul Jones is trying to win Tayshia over with some Shakespeare and she's totally into it. Demi is giving her rose to Derek, Mike is trying to get in with Sydney and Caelynn and Dean look pretty solid. We have no clue what's to come with the love triangles... Until next week rose lovers!

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