Big Brother: All-Stars houseguests have the internet buzzing for some terribly unkind actions caught on camera. Memphis Garrett, Christmas Abbott, Dani Briones, and Nicole Franzel are all in hot water and facing consequences for mocking kind-hearted Ian Terry's autism on camera. Here is how alumni and fans reacted to the footage.

Big Brother All-Stars Houseguest Mock Autism, Fans and Alums Respond

Big Brother: All-Stars (Big Brother 22) houseguests Memphis Garrett, Christmas Abbott, Dani Briones, and Nicole Franzel are in heaps of trouble after being caught on camera mocking fellow houseguest Ian Terry. Ian Terry has been opening up about his autism and truly breaking stereotypes and preconceptions about those on the spectrum. Ian is an incredible competitor, a brilliant mind, and a big heart, even planning to offer his challenge winning prize of letters from home access to Cody who had just lost his grandfather. 

Memphis mocked Ian's self-soothing technique of rocking back and forth and his walking while Dani, Christmas, and Nicole laughed uncontrollably and egged on the conversation, and continuing to make fun of him and express their discomfort with Ian. Now, the BB alumni and fans are coming to Ian's defense. Fan-favorite Kaysar Ridha who is close friends with Terry wrote on Twitter "People on the spectrum are some of the best our society has to offer. I'm mortified by the actions of these Big Brother houseguests. Before leaving I reminded Ian to never let anyone laugh at him. Ever. Period."

Very well spoken Kaysar added "Inside the BB House reflects society's failures when it comes to our handling of diversity. We could use a lesson in empathy & awareness. Ppl who are neurodiverse & on the spectrum should be protected not trashed. I have zero tolerance on this issue."

Dani's estranged father and BB alum Evel Dick Donato tweeted "What in the **** is wrong with them? Dani already got a heads up in the DR over saying Ian was using his autism for strategy. Then she's part of this... Disappointing." Janelle Pierzina also felt compelled to express her feelings.

Nicole had a brand deal with Olay and after the footage was brought to their attention the company announced their separation from her. In footage released possibly showing the aftermath, Nicole is seen crying so Ian comes in to comfort her not knowing she is crying because production spoke with her about mocking Ian. Fans are furious and rooting for Ian to earn a win!