Kyle Richards has been caught in a lie and is now backpedaling on her defaming accusation against her only Black Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-star Garcell Beauvais. Garcelle has yet to receive an apology and instead it still being blamed even though Kyle admitted her accusation was false.

Kyle Richards Takes Back Serious Accusation Against Garcell Beauvais

Kyle, Kyle, Kyle... During the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion, Kyle Richards may have felt backed into a corner and whipped her claws (and lies) out to defend herself. When Garcelle Beauvais was asked by Andy Cohen which Housewife was the "least welcoming" Garcelle responded with feeling as though Kyle was the least welcoming and that Kyle too often "glazed over" her when she spoke. 

Instead of apologizing, responding to what Garcelle said, or trying to correct her behavior Kyle lashed out and then seriously stated "You came to my charity event, raised your paddle to donate $5,000 and never paid!" Obviously, shocked Garcell said "What?! That is not true. You better watch what you're saying." Richards quickly twisted the accusation to accuse her of only paying for attention and said "You were not being genuine." 

Garcelle Beauvais in Los Angeles 2020.

Garcelle was straightforward and said, "we have to be honest on camera." Now Kyle has come forward and posted to her social media saying "I would like to address my "calling out" @garcelle at the reunion over her not paying her donation to @childrensla. To be clear, everyone who made a donation at my event paid THAT night. There were multiple attempts to reach out to Garcelle that were left unanswered. My point was to just be genuine. Don't do things just for the camera's."

So Kyle explained that Garcelle did in fact pay later in the night of the auction but simply took longer to get a hold of than the other donors. Still without apologizing Kyle continued with, "Whether it is picking an unwarranted fight with me or making a "DONATION" TO a charity that is very important to my family and me. THERE WAS ZERO PRESSURE TO DONATE. Garcelle has since paid her donation and I am grateful to her and the others that helped us raise almost 1/2 million dollars from that night."

Before Kyle addressed her false accusation, Garcelle defended herself by saying "Why wouldn't I pay for something that I bid? This is my character. This is my integrity. I don't play around when it comes to things like that." Ironically, Kyle has proven the original statement that she was the "least" welcoming of the sole Black Housewife Garcelle, which Kyle also has yet to answer for.