• NCIS is entering season 20 this fall
  • Mark Harmon exited as "Gibbs" last season
  • Will he still be a part of the show?

"Gibbs" or no "Gibbs," that's the question here. Fans are wondering if Mark Harmon will be back in season 20 of the popular series NCIS.

In season 19, Harmon was initially still on the show as a main cast member. However, he dropped out after the first four episodes and Gary Cole became the new team leader in his role as "Alden Parker."

NCIS season 20: Mark Harmon CUT from the opening?

Despite his exit, Harmon's "Gibbs" remained in the season's intro sequence – but how could that be? Kelly Kahl, president of CBS Entertainment, told TVLine that it was a transition year, so keeping "Gibbs" in the intro at least provided some stability.

Now, however, NCIS season 20 is upon us and the question remains: Will "Gibbs" still be seen in the intro? "That’s something we might look at going forward," was Kahl's cryptic response.

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Nevertheless, it is likely the intro will change in the upcoming season, as it has been adjusted after each exit so far. We'll have to see if "Gibbs" is merely cut from the opener, or if NCIS goes for a completely new sequence of intros.

In any case, fans will miss the series star. Mark Harmon had played "Gibbs" from the beginning in 2003.

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