Blake Shelton recently became reacquainted with an old bandmate of his in a surprising way! As Entertainment Tonight shares, during the season 20 premiere of the hit reality show— which aired on Monday— Shelton got quite a shock when he discovered he actually knew one of the contestants!

Shelton used to play in Nashville band with contestant

Shelton turned his chair around to find himself face-to-face with country singer Pete Mroz, impressed by his rendition of "Can't Find My Way Home" during his blind audition. However, it soon became clear that Mroz was especially interested in Shelton, even though John Legend showed interest in his performance as well!

"It sounds like there's some history there," Shelton teased, "and that's normally not a great thing with me." As it turns out, Mroz revealed that he used to go by Pete Mitchell, and was once in a Nashville country band called the Young Riders— which Shelton had been a part of too! "I haven't seen this guy in 25 years!" he exclaimed after piecing together his past with Mroz.

Blake Shelton performing at the 54th Academy Of Country Music Awards in Las Vegas, Nevada, 2019

Shelton calls his reunion with Mroz "a full circle moment"

Shelton and Mroz shared some back-and-forth banter, as his former bandmate revealed that Shelton had "good hair"— and possibly stole his bass player! Since Legend was also trying to sway Mroz to join his team, Shelton persuaded his friend that it was "time to get the band back together!" Ultimately, Mroz said that he's "gotta go with the old cowboy," and ended up becoming part of Team Blake!

The Voice coach also took to Twitter that day to share his excitement about the unexpected reunion, which has begun a brand-new chapter in their friendship! "Talk about a full circle moment @pete_mroz!" Shelton tweeted, sharing a photo of them playing in the Young Riders. "I’m excited to be working with you again man!! #TeamBlake"