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The Voice

The Voice is a singing contest that has grown into an international franchise. The contest had its first edition in 2010, in the Netherlands. Since then it has spurred countless successful international versions like in the United States, Germany, Mexico, Colombia, and Argentina. In total, the show has been made in 50 countries!

Thanks to its success on television worldwide, The Voice has become a rival to other similar and successful talent shows, such as American Idol or The X Factor

The Voice:  A Successful Reality Show

The first edition of The Voice was created by the Dutch television producer John de Mol, who was also commissioned to create the reality show Big BrotherThe Voice has been characterized by being divided into several stages; the first of them, a blind audition, which has become one of the most successful of the entire contest. Around 500 entries have been winners in different versions of The Voice around the world!

Fun facts from The Voice

  • Some artists have participated as trainers in editions of different countries; for example, Ricardo Montaner has been part of the Colombian, Argentine and Mexican editions. 
  • Countries like Vietnam, Ivory Coast, India, Malaysia or South Korea have also had editions of The Voice
  • Artists like Kylie Minogue, Daddy Yankee, David Bisbal, Shakira, Miley Cyrus or Maluma have been part of this franchise as trainers. 
  • Some of its presenters around the world have been celebrities such as Carlos Ponce, Eva González, Carson Daly, Yuri or Holly Willoughby.