• Cast Away is a classic drama starring Tom Hanks
  • The film is about a cast away on an island fighting for survival
  • This is the story behind the real island

Who can forget Tom Hanks and his best friend "Wilson" surviving together in a deserted island. Cast Away touched the heart-strings of every movie lover in the early 2000s. Filmmakers made sure the infamous island became the audience's worst nightmare!

The island in Cast Away was one of the best movie villains ever

If watching the film didn't make you more uneasy about travelling, maybe you weren't watching. In real life, the film's location was mainly the island of Monuriki. This belongs to the Mamanuca Archipelago, which belongs to the island state of Fiji.

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In the end, Tom's character was able to return to civilization with the help of a self-made raft. After the film's release, the island became a tourist attraction and brings in countless visitors every year. Talk about turning fear into profit!

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