Gabi Butler has come forward after Jerry Harris' arrest to make a statement! As Entertainment Tonight shares, Butler took to social media to speak out about her former teammate facing legal repercussions.

Butler says she's "deeply saddened" by Harris' arrest

Butler began her Instagram post by addressing Harris' arrest. "Like most of you, I am shocked, dismayed, and deeply saddened by the recent news concerning my friend and former teammate Jerry Harris," she began her statement. On Thursday, Harris was arrested in Chicago, facing charges of child pornography. Entertainment Tonight says that he admitted to FBI agents he'd requested explicit photos from an underage boy.

"Ever since I heard the news I have gone back and forth between sobbing uncontrollably and trying to wrap my head around why something like this could happen," Butler continued. "To be clear, although I have been a close friend and teammate with Jerry, I was never aware of anything like what he has been accused of taking place."

Butler not the only Cheer star to address arrest

Butler also addressed her personal religious beliefs as she continued on with her statement. "I believe the protection of children is more than important than ever in today's world and absolutely do not condone any actions that bring harm to a child," she added. 

"Issuing a statement like this hurts my heart more than any of you will ever know. As a Christian woman, the only thing I know to do is pray for all involved and the world we live in. My heart is broken."

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Butler's coach, Monica Aldama, also broke her silence following Harris' arrest, saying she felt like her "heart was in pieces." A representative from the streaming service made a statement. "Like everyone we are shocked by this news," Netflix said. "Any abuse of minors is a terrible crime and we respect the legal process." At this time, it's not known what the charges against Harris will mean for the future of Cheer.