Exciting news for all Law and Order: SVU fans has been revealed! Christopher Meloni is returning to television with his beloved character, "Det. Elliott Stabler"! According to ET, Meloni will star in a 13-episode series that follows "Stabler" as he "heads up an organized crime division of the New York Police Department."

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"Det. Elliott Stabler" Is Back!

The new show would likely be considered a spin-off of Dick Wolf's Law & Order franchise, just like SVU and crossovers with the Chicago series, however this is not confirmed news yet.

Meloni took to Facebook himself to announce that he's back as "Elliott Stabler"! Christopher starred alongside Mariska Hargitay on Law & Order: SVU from season 1 to season 12. His final episode on the series was in 2011's episode "Smoked". Since then, you could catch Meloni on True Blood, Man of Steel, Surviving Jack, Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp and Happy!.

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Back in 2017, Meloni told ET that he would be willing to reprise his role of "Det. Elliott Stabler." in SVU in particular. "I have always said I would be open to it. [The] circumstances have to be right, that is all." Well, it looks like the circumstances are right indeed!

We will continue to update you with news on Christopher Meloni's new series as it comes. 


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