Colton Underwood is hopeful that the Bachelor franchise will consider featuring an LGBTQ+ lead in the future! The reality star came out as gay earlier this year, and shared his thoughts on the topic during a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight

Underwood on America's attitude towards LGBTQ+ people

Underwood was candid in his response, saying that he's not sure if The Bachelor would go ahead with a season that featured an LGBTQ+ star. However, he believes that if they were to embrace this approach, it's something that he feels is plausible! "I think it would work. I do think if people gave it a shot, the show could work," he told Entertainment Tonight's Denny Directo.

While he mentioned that he hasn't tuned into the Bachelor franchise after his season was over, Underwood said he would want a queer season of the reality show to have "a lot of success". He also commented on how some people still find coming to terms with various queer identities difficult. "America can relate, can understand gay, [but] they are having a hard time understanding bisexual people," he said.


Underwood admitted he's not sure if he would have come out without having been on The Bachelor. He called his new Netflix series Coming Out Colton, which he called "a way for me to sort of take back my life," saying that he wants to "be the best person and version of myself that I could be." A queer Bachelor lead would follow in the footsteps of Bachelor in Paradise contestant Demi Burnett, who proposed to her now-ex-girlfriend on the show in 2019.