• Conversations with Friends has some intimate scenes 
  • Joe Alwyn plays "Nick" and acts in these scenes
  • Here's how Alwyn says his parents feel about it

Joe Alwyn is known to many from the hit series Conversations with Friends. There he embodies "Nick Conway" and is involved in several sex scenes. His parents are also familiar with the series, but what do they think of their son's intimate shots?

Alwyn didn't warn parents about sex scenes

Joe Alwyn, who is dating pop superstar Taylor Swift, explains how his family is coping with the juicy scenes he has filmed with co-star Alison Oliver for the TV adaptation of the Sally Rooney novel. "I don't feel the need to put a disclaimer," Alwyn told E! News.

Oliver also spoke to her parents about the sex scenes. "My parents watched Normal People and absolutely loved it and thought it was amazing," she revealed. "So when I told them that I was doing this, they were like, 'Great!' They were actually really fine about it."

Joe Alwyn

Alwyn praises "humanity" of show's characters

Neither Alwyn's or Oliver's families have a problem with their sex scenes. The actor behind "Nick" feels that there's more to Conversations with Friends than just the intimate scenes and praises Rooney's storytelling, which brings the emotional story to life.

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"All the characters in the book and in Sally's writing, generally, feel so human and real and have so much humanity," Alwyn enthuses. "I think the scripts did a really excellent job of keeping the spirit of that."

Does his girlfriend see it just as easily? The actor has been officially dating Swift, who recently received an honorary doctorate, since 2017. However, he rarely speaks publicly about their relationship because, in his opinion, there are "more interesting things" to talk about.