Criminal Minds ends after 15 seasons - the last episode of the show airs tonight! An exciting trailer has been revealed, showing fans what they can expect on the finale, which will consist of two episodes!

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What we know so far is that "Reid" (Matthew Gray Gubler) gets injured following an explosion while the team is investigating a suspect. Now fans are wondering if he will survive!

Watch the trailer here:

Some stars are coming back to Criminal Minds

The Criminal Minds series finale will also feature a couple of comebacks. "The Reaper" (C. Thomas Howell,) for instance, will be back again. The murderer has already been hunted down several times by the team and became the arch enemy of "Hotch" (Thomas Gibson) after he killed the agent's wife.

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Will "Reaper's" return also bring back "Hotch"? Thomas Gibson left the show in 2016 following an argument with the producer. Fans would certainly be happy to see him again!

Thomas Gibson

It's really sad to say goodbye to Criminal Minds but also we can't wait to see how one of our favourite series ends!