Derek Hough did not expect longtime Dancing With the Stars host Tom Bergeron to exit the show! As People shares, Hough appeared on SiriusXM's Radio Andy on an episode of Bevelations, where he shared his thoughts on the announcement with Bev Smith.

Hough said he "was pretty shocked" to hear Bergeron was leaving

Hough admitted that the news of Bergeron's exit came as quite a surprise to him. "I was pretty shocked," he told Smith. "I think Tom Bergeron is such a staple of Dancing with the Stars, and he's a good friend of mine. He's a good man."

"He's been there from the beginning, and you know he's just a great guy," Hough continued. "You know, there's always efforts to sort of switch things up, and you look at that, and it's also understandable." As People mentions, Hough used to be one of the pros on Dancing With the Stars before he left for his own show, World of Dance, in 2016. 

Hough thinks Tyra Banks will "do fantastic" as the new host

Hough then went on to say that he's looking forward to seeing Tyra Banks as the new host of DWTS. "I have come in contact with [Banks] several times. I think she's fantastic," he enthused. "I thought she was a fantastic host on America's Got Talent. I feel optimistic. I think she'll do fantastic."

"As far as my history [with the show], I was definitely shocked about Tom," Hough also said. "For me, I'm always sort of a cheerleader for the show to succeed ... especially for shows I've been a part of. I want Dancing With the Stars to succeed and do well, and I hope it does."

Hough isn't the only celebrity to have opened up about Bergeron and his fellow co-host Erin Andrews' exit from DWTS! Earlier this month, current judge Carrie Ann Inaba also talked about finding out there would be a host change, echoing similar sentiments as Hough. It's encouraging that they both feel the future of the show will be in good hands with Banks!

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