The smash hit-series from Netflix, Dark, surrounds a strange German town filled with odd mysteries and complex conspiracies that date back through countless generations. There is everything you need in a good sci-fi: time travel, dangerous chemicals, power-hungry bad guys, infidelities, and a spine-tingling soundtrack. 

Dark has hugely grown in popularity and helped launch the careers of some of the cast, while others you may already recognize... Meet the cast of Dark!

Dark: Netflix Cast Member Louis Hofmann

The central role of the Dark Netflix cast is "Jonas Kahnwald" played by 23-year-old Louis Hofmann. He had already been gaining attention in the film and TV world for his work in Land of Mine and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Poor "Jonas" is thrown into a dangerous world due to his parent's past and holds far too much responsibility and pressure to make things right while having to make huge sacrifices. Louis portrays the shy character that is forced to grow and adapt quickly and throw away his previous timid ways.  

Louis Hofmann

Louis is also one of the few cast members that have even broken into Hollywood! He was featured in the 2018 Jennifer Lawrence film Red Sparrow. His talent is being recognized regularly as he has won every award he has been nominated for like Best Actor at the Tokyo International Film Festival, The Goldene Kamera, and the International Film Festival Beijing.

Whatever he is a part of is sure to be amazing. 

Dark: Netflix Cast Members Lisa Vicari and Mark Waschke

23-year-old Lisa Vicari plays "Jonas's" love interest and similarly complicated character "Martha Nielsen". She has also been in another Netflix production starring as "Isi" in the fun romantic comedy Isi & Ossi. Her role as "Martha" is also brilliantly portrayed as she has to maneuver not only a love triangle, missing family members, but also time travel. She and her friends try and take matters into their own hands when they feel the adults are not focusing on what they should be.

Lisa Vicari gained great fame with the Netflix hit "Dark"

48-year-old Mark Waschke plays terrifying "Noah" who is the sinister and seductive face of his dark team. He is a successful theater actor who lives in Berlin with his wife and daughter. Mark starred in a few television series also, including the investigative show Tatort since 2015.

Mark Waschke is a successful film and theater actor and can be seen in "Dark", among others

Dark: Netflix Cast Police Duo

54-year-old Karoline Eichhorn plays in the Dark Netflix cast as officer "Charlotte Doppler." Her character is an incredibly complicated one who's familial history is a mystery to her but she knows somehow her family is involved in the terrible goings-on in the town of Winden. Her history in theater greatly helped her role as "Charlotte" who is not one to speak much but most definitely has a lot on her mind and her expressions and demeanor show that beautifully.

She actually starred alongside Mark Waschke in Tatort!

Karoline Eichhorn is part of the cast of the Netflix hit series "Dark"

Devilishly handsome "Ulrich Nielsen" is played by wildly successful actor 51-year-old Oliver Masucci. Oliver has had great success in countless international and German films like the hilarious Look Who's Back where he plays Adolf Hitler who has been teleported into modern-day! He has reached great success and popularity in his many ventures and was a perfect addition to the mind-bending series Dark

"Ulrich Nielsen" has to pay the ultimate price for his sins and somehow maneuver his way back from insanity and time travel. No one could have fit the role more perfectly than Oliver.

Oliver Masucci gained notoriety for his role in "He's Back"

Dark: Netflix Cast Member "The Stranger"

Andreas Pietschmann is in the Dark Netflix cast as "The Stranger" whom viewers and characters alike are completely thrown for a loop when he comes on screen. His rugged and bold character strings the story together in an incredible way. Andreas had also had great success in film and theater, even acting in countless international films and shows like Polizeiruf 110 and Sonnenallee.

Andreas Pietschmann is part of the cast of the Netflix series "Dark"

The incredible cast truly makes this series one of the most compelling and unique stories told on Netflix. Many of the actors and actresses have to bend their likeness to other actors as some of them play each other in the future and the past so there is an extra level of complication. Their range and depth are so impressive. 

Dark is one of the best rated and critically acclaimed series out there at the moment due to its gripping plot, powerful soundtrack, seductive visuals, and of course the Dark Netflix cast. 

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