The much anticipated and widely popular story of Mulan hit Disney+ on Friday, and while many were quick to hit the play button, many others were voicing their distaste for the film.

The film, which was shot in China, has caused some controversy for Disney, and it has gone so far that #BoycottMulan has trended on Twitter.

Mulan faces backlash same weekend of its release

Viewers of the live-action Mulan noticed something a bit sinister in the credits if the film, which gave thanks to the Xinjiang Province, as well as recognizing the CPC Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region Committee, the alleged propaganda department in the Chinese region.

Not only is the committee a source of the backlash, but the region itself has been under scrutiny for the treatment of its Muslim population. The region has been accused of massive human rights violations, including detaining the Uyghur Muslims in internment camps, forcing over a million people out of their homes.

Amnesty International also called out Disney and the film, asking what they have specifically done in the region to aid in "due diligence."

Disney has yet to comment on the criticism, and the Chinese government has said to Sky News that these allegations of human rights violations are "baseless", and that these camps are a "peaceful program for security and economic development" in the region.

This isn't the first wave of controversy

This isn't the first time Mulan had faced controversy. Prior to the release, Yifei Liu, who plays "Mulan", tweeted in support of the Police brutality happening in Hong Kong against the peaceful protestors defending their right to democracy. 

The film is still up on Disney+, available for premium members.