"Det. Stabler" has a handsome new co-star!

Dylan McDermott Joins Cast Of 'Law & Order: Organized Crime'

Dylan McDermott Joins Cast Of 'Law & Order': Organized Crime'

Just when we thought it couldn't get any better! Ruggedly handsome Dylan McDermott just announced he will be alongside Christopher Meloni as a series regular on the new show Law & Order: Organized Crime!

The news surrounding the Law & Order: SVU spinoff Law & Order: Organized Crime just keeps getting better and better! 

Dylan McDermott Joins Cast of Law & Order: Organized Crime

Fresh off the news that Mariska Hargitay a.k.a. "Detective Benson" would be reuniting with "Detective Stabler" on the new series Law & Order: Organized Crime, we have just received another surprise!

Dylan McDermott in 'American Horror Story: Murder House'.

American Horror Story star Dylan McDermott just posted the news announcing he is joining Christopher Meloni as a series regular! He captioned a photo with: "@nbc @nbcsvu @chris_meloni #lawandorderorganizedcrime New York, here I come!"

The official NBCSVU account also posted the Deadline article announcing the news too! No details have come through yet on whether Dylan will be playing a detective or a defense attorney but he already has a history of playing both law enforcement and lawyers!

He portrayed "FBI Agent Max Canary" in The Grid, "Detective Jack Larsen" in Stalker, and lawyer "Bobby Donnell" in The Practice. So there is no one more perfect for the series! NBC is pulling out all the stops for our much-awaited return of no-nonsense and hands-on "Detective Elliot Stabler."

Dylan McDermott in 'The Grid' 2004.

NBC also let fans know "Stabler" would be returning to Law & Order: SVU to ask his old partner "Detective Benson" for help. We cannot wait to get a taste!