Ellen Burstyn will be back on television soon in the second season of Law & Order's latest spinoff! As People reports, NBC shared on Monday that the actress is appearing in an episode of Organized Crime, which will air sometime after the show's September 23 season premiere.

Burstyn won an Emmy for playing "Bernie" on Law & Order

Burstyn is known to fans of Law & Order: SVU as "Bernadette Stabler," who goes by "Bernie". Since her character's son "Elliot Stabler" is the main character in Organized Crime— which premiered earlier this year as part of a special crossover event— it makes sense for her to appear on this new show!

She made her debut as "Bernie" in the 2008 episode "Swing," which was the third episode of the show's tenth season. Despite the fact Burstyn was only in Law & Order for one episode, her appearance was a memorable one! The actress even won the Emmy for Outstanding Guest Actress in 2009 for the role.

Ellen Burstyn at the "Rocketman" New York Premiere, 2019

Burstyn is also known for her work in House of CardsThe Last Picture Show, and The Exorcist, among several other shows and films. While NBC did not reveal how she will make her return as "Bernie," there's no doubt that Law & Order fans will be excited to tune in to find out this fall!