The TV series Euphoria actually originated from Israel! The series has similar themes as the new U.S. HBO series, but there are stark differences between the two...

Euphoria: An Israeli original adapted into the U.S.

The Emmy-nominated Euphoria was released in 2019 on HBO in the States and shocked people for its themes of sexuality and drug usage. However, Euphoria was actually a show in Israel from November 30th, 2012 to February 1st, 2013!

The Israeli version also focused on explicit sex and drug usage, but with actors Roni Dalumi, Dekel Adin, Amit Erez, Avi Mazliah and Tawfeek Barhom, to name a few. 

Meanwhile, the U.S. version includes former Disney star and Spider-Man actress Zendaya, as well as trans model Hunter Schafer and The Kissing Booth star Jacob Elordi. 

The Israeli version was also set in the '90s, whereas HBO's is set in modern-day Southern California. The trauma that these teens endure is something that was found to be controversial for both countries! We do see more shots of the parents in the U.S. version though compared to the original show! 

While the U.S. show was created and written by actor Sam Levinson, the Israeli version was created by filmmaker Ron Lesham. Lesham also served as an executive producer for the HBO version, as well as rapper Drake

One major difference of the plot's series is that *spoiler alert* Zendaya's character "Rue" is actually dead the whole time in the Israeli version - she's basically narrating the storyline from her grave! 

The first season of HBO's Euphoria was renewed for a second season, unlike Israel's version of the teen drama! The series was up for six Emmy nominations this year, and Zendaya made history by being the youngest actress to win in the Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series category! We can't wait to check it out!