• Fast & Furious protests are said to be planned
  • These are initiated by the residents of the film's location
  • They no longer feel safe

The film series is known for its illegal street racing and extravagant car stunts. But for residents of the Angelino Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles, the shooting is just an annoyance.

As the US magazine Variety reports, they are planning a protest against the planned shooting on Friday, August 26th. The neighborhood is a key filming location for the Fast & Furious movies.

Among other things, the house of Vin Diesel's character "Dom Toretto" is located there. In addition, the main characters met in 'Toretto's Market & Cafe', which is also located in said neighborhood. These venues would be surrounded by fans almost every night, according to Variety.

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They crowd around performing tricks such as "donuts" with their fast and dangerous cars.Residents complain also about how they build tasteless barriers to keep fans away, which hardly even work.

The Fast & Furious protest is not against the shooting

The announced protest isn't against the films, but against the consequences of filming in the neighborhood.

In addition to the noise of roaring engines, there had also been an increase in accidents with subsequent hit-and-run accidents. The residents who complained about the noise have had firearms pointed at them.

"Someone is going to get killed sooner or later." a local resident told Variety