• It's been 20 years since the movie Freaky Friday
  • Original star Jamie Lee Curtis wants to do a sequel
  • The actress now says a new film is "going to happen"

Freaky Friday thrilled audiences everywhere back in 2003.

At the time, Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis played the mother-daughter duo who swap bodies. 

Now Curtis is giving hope for a sequel, as she revealed in an interview with Variety.

Freaky Friday sequel: Insider details from Jamie Lee Curtis

"It's going to happen," Jamie Lee Curtis said of Freaky Friday 2

"Without saying there's anything officially happening, I'm looking at you in this moment and saying, 'Of course it's going to happen.'"

According to the report, she and Lindsay Lohan are determined to reprise their famous roles. Curtis says talks with Disney about the sequel are already taking place.

Also interesting:

Jamie Lee continues to fuel the rumour mill through a recent photo of the two on Instagram, captioned: "It's Friday. I'm just sayin! Freaky fingers crossed!"

Safe to say, fans of the original movie are freaking out about all the teasers. "Do not toy with my emotions" and "Now this is a sequel that WE WANT," wrote a few followers.

However, it remains to be seen if Freaky Friday 2 actually ends up happening...

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