Friday Night Lights fans will be excited to know that the cast of their favourite show has come together for an important cause! As People reports, a new PSA encouraging Americans to register to vote was shared via social media on Monday, and it features many of the hit football drama's actors!

Friday Night Lights cast's message to fans: "check yourself"

Friday Night Lights' special voting video opens with a message from Connie Britton, who played the role of "Tami Taylor" on the show. "Y'all better check yourself," Britton says, urging people to make sure that they're registered to vote. Several of her cast members echo the statement before going on to talk about why they feel voting is so important.

Matt Lauria, who played "Luke Cafferty" on the show, shares that it's important to him to influence the direction of the nation. "I love voting because voting is my way of having a say in where our country is going in the future," he explains. "It's so simple," says Adrianne Palicki, who played "Tyra Collette". "There's no excuse not to vote."


"Check yourself! #FNL style," Britton captioned the Instagram video, outlining the steps necessary to make your vote count. "CHECK IT: Check your registration KNOW IT: Find out what's on your ballot DO IT: Come up with your voting plan - are you voting by mail? Do you know where your polling station is? Recruit friends & family to vote with you - remember, the earlier you vote, the better!"

Many other celebrities have spoken out about the importance of voting as well! The cast of The West Wing reunited for an election-themed special in support of When We All Vote, and Meghan Markle has revealed why she's voting. Celebs like Billie Eilish, Jennifer Lopez, and Alex Rodriguez have also urged their fans to go vote. Check out the Friday Night Lights cast's voting PSA here!